The Methodist Church for Prescot & Whiston

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The Junior Mission for All is made up of the youngest and some older members of our Church family.

Each week they collect money from family and members of the Church.  We also have collection boxes which are brought in when full.  The money is paid into Church each month and is then sent to J.M.A. missions.

Last year J.M.A. collection in our Church was £953.  We have eight collectors and we have people who give donations to J.M.A.

J.M.A. last year, world wide, raised more than £73,150.  Of this 80% went to the World Mission Fund to help 60 partner Churches in Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia andd the Pacific.  The other 20% supported Church projects across the U.K.

The collectors have a presentation where they each get a Rainbow Badge with 2017 on it and a "Thank You" certificate 2017.

As J.M.A. secretary I would like to say thank you to all who support our children each week.

                                                            Ann Flemming