The Methodist Church for Prescot & Whiston

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Phase one of our work is well on the way and is due to be completed at the end of October.and we have the money for this   (£253,000) but we have concerns regarding the funding for phase 2 which is £221,434 (45k less if we have the roof temporarily repaired as opposed to a full new upgrade). We currently have £26,000  from funddraising and grants.

In addition we have a furthers £25,000 in grants with a condition attached that we raise all the required funding.


We are also hoping for £35-£40k for sale of freehold bring the total to approximately £86-91k.  This leaves a shortfall of £130,434 (£86,434 with temporary roof repairs)


We have applied for funds from Circuit, District and Connextion and sent out applications for 20 other grants for various amounts and requests for help.


This has brought up the problem that we will not be able to go straight on and continue with the development following through with phase 2 as the contractor needs to know, by mid September, that we will have the available funds before we can commit to a phase 2 contract.  As you can see, we will not be in a position to keep to the schedule.


We will be able to go back to the Church (mostly usable) but certain areas will be closed off as they are considered dangerous.  These areas are the far end of the building by the old choir stairs and the 'glory hole'.  Robbie Bell, our architect, was  hoping that we would be able to do those parts of phase 2 (which will be the dirtiest and the most disruptive) before moving back into the Church but we may not have these funds in time.  WE NEED £25,000)


This is where we need the help of members past and present and friends.


We have exhaussted all the avenues we can to try and fit this time frame but although we feel confident that we will succeed in getting all the funding eventually, we will not get enought in time for the end of phase 1.


With this in mind we are appealing to you for personal funding by way of donations or loans.  We are requesting interest free loans for a period of 1 to 5 years (much earlier if grants are received).  The loans will be properly drawn up with receipts and signatures and if you need the funds back sooner they will be returned.  Any gifts or loans will be kept confidential and will be known only by the Church treasurer and one other member.


If we can raise this amount, this will enable us to move back together, have safe storage space and set up the Church while we wait for the grants to come through and then continues with the rest of the project, hopefully in the new year.


We know it is difficult to have a Gift Day with not being in our own buillding but need to seek  your help.  Any ideas will be appreciated but Gwyn and Karen cannot commit to any more work than they are doing at present.  Brenda (our Church treasusreer) has worked very hard on the finance side of things for which we are very grateful.


Jan Summers has kindly offered to co-ordinate the loan scheme.  She can be contacted:  Tel. No. 0151 426 7775 or email


This has been a complicated and stressful time but with God's help and many prayers, we will get there and into our new building soon.