The Methodist Church for Prescot & Whiston

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We are thrilled to be back using the Church after the first phase of the major development has been finished.  This consists of a beautiful large glass foyer area bordered by our newly laid car park with small planting areas either side..

A coffee bar is situated at the front, facing the car park and the newly fitted kitchen  and updated Ladies toileets remain in the same position as previously.

The  hall has been changed around after having the old stage removed and levelled to serve as a new Sanctuary with adjoining vestry.  The War Memorial is now fitted in the foyer.  There is a new energy efficient boiler, some new lighting and inruder and fire alarms.

The second and final phase of the work is due to start at the end of February/beginning of March.  A new insulated roof is to be fitted and replacement doors and windows where necessary in the main hall, kitchen, ladies toilers, cloakroom.

The far end of the building where the old vestry was situated will house a new gents toilet, cleaners sluice room, redecorated meeting room and Accessible toilet..

We have retained the choir stall area of the old Chapel and the wrought iron staircase leading up to it.  This is being converted to a large bright and airy meeting room which has had the floor levelled, with raised areas either side and lighting, radiators and windows installed.  We feel that this will be a very popular room for all kinds of meetings and functions.

The remainder of phase two will be redecorating of remaining areas and minor adjustments where necessary.

We are very excited about the completed work which we hope will be finished around June 2019 and will be the start of a  New Future in the life of both Church and Community.

We are a busy Church, reaching out to welcome the variety of people and organisations that use the premises.  Details of these can be found on other parts of our web site and we pray that the list will continue to grow as we open our doors and invite you to join us.