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COFFEE BAR WILL BE CLOSED BETWEEN 20TH AND 26TH JULY (INCLUSIVE) while the floor is being resealed.


The coffee bar was started as far back as the Second World War and after all the changes in our lifestyles has still managed to continue to serve the church and local community up to the present day.


At the start it was open on a Friday morning only.  The success of the Friday mornings led to the decision to open on a Thursday as well and at the present time we are open three days each week, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9:30 - 11:30am.













 In 2008 it was decided to open each Sunday morning after the church service - all donations received for drinks and biscuits on Sundays would go to charities chosen by our members.  This has been a great success.


The coffee bar has supported many events: The Prescot Music Festival,

dancing shows, pantomimes, funeral gatherings, bacon buttie mornings

and many more events.


This has only been made possible because of all the people, past and

present, who work many hours to keep us open.


Opening Times


Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

9:30 - 11:30am.

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